First GMC Hummer EVs to Begin Delivering in December



GMC has announced that its all-electric Hummer supertruck has entered final production, with the first customer-bound units pegged to go out for delivery sometime in December — reports Roadshow by CNet.

The news comes just a week after GMC showed off pre-production Hummer EV pickups at its Factory Zero Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Center, where they are being built. On a visit to Factory Zero on Wednesday, U.S. President Joe Biden test drove a pre-production Hummer EV and called it “one hell of a vehicle,” impressed.

At a meeting with journalists earlier today, GMC announced that the electric Hummer’s pre-production run has come to an end and that the veteran automaker will now move to true production of the highest-end Edition 1 models.

According to the company, Edition 1 Hummer EV units should start making their way to the earliest reservation holders sometime next month. GMC noted that this is the fastest the carmaker has ever moved from conception to production on an all-new vehicle.

GMC says 125,000 potential customers have expressed interest in the Hummer EV pickup, with around 80% of them looking at the top-spec Edition 1. However, do note that GMC’s statistics account for “hand raises” from potential customers and not actual, confirmed orders.

The Edition 1 is GMC’s highest-end variant of the Hummer EV, boasting a triple-motor powertrain, off-road capabilities, a crab-walk-capable four-wheel steering system, and 329 miles (~529 km) of range. The top-spec Edition 1 clocks in at a whopping $112,595 USD.

GMC currently plans on launching lower-end Hummer EV variants with different powertrain and battery configurations (and more range, according to the company) by 2023.

GMC has a full slate of upcoming electric vehicles beyond the Edition 1 Hummer EV, including the Hummer EV SUV, an all-electric GMC Sierra, and a Chevy Silverado EV. The legacy automaker plans on fully transitioning to a zero-emissions portfolio of offerings by 2035, and is ready to invest up to $35 billion USD to make that happen.


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