Tesla Hires and Promotes Veterans, Urges Others to do the Same [VIDEO]

Image: KPIX-TV

Tesla makes hiring veterans a priority, and hopes that other companies will follow in its footsteps — reports KPIX-TV’s Len Ramirez (@lenKPIX) from the company’s Fremont factory in California (via @WholeMarsBlog).

Not only does the world’s fastest-growing brand for 2021 make a point of hiring veterans, but the company also does its utmost to promote them and help them advance through the chain of command in their field of work.

Tesla has a dedicated Veterans Task Force working to support and advance former military service personnel who are now working with the electric vehicle (EV) pioneer.

“Our veterans have deployed, they’ve worked under stressful conditions, they’re used to high operational tempo — that’s what we have here at Tesla, and so it just seems like a natural fit,” said Kristen Kavanaugh, a veteran and head of leadership development at the task force.

Out of the 10,000 factory workers in Tesla’s employ, “800 and counting are former military service members,” says the report.

“Not since I left the Marines have I felt the kind of, like, the passion and the purpose that I feel here at Tesla, where we’re not just making cars — we’re changing the world, and history has its eyes on you,” said Ryan, a former Marine Corps logistics specialist who now holds a similar position at Tesla.

Tesla ranked number 1 on Consumer Reports‘ list of most liked car brands for 2021.

This Veterans Day, Tesla honoured veterans and recognized their contributions to the country the whole week, with flags in its factories, a special Veterans Edition Model X, and exclusive ‘Veteran’ T-shirts for employees.