Tesla is Google’s Most-Searched Stock of 2021, Says Survey

Photo: MarketWatch

Following Musk’s secondary Tesla stock sale this week accounting for nearly $5 billion USD in stocks, one firm went looking for what stocks were most searched on the internet, finding that, perhaps unsurprisingly, Tesla’s ranks number one.

Tesla’s stock is the most searched stock on Google out there, as shown in a survey finding that the automaker gets nearly 6.9 million searches per month, according to The Street. The survey, conducted by the software firm Bacancy Technology, looked at the top 30 stocks, to narrow down which 10 are the most searched.

In a statement, a Bacancy Tech spokesperson said that Musk’s share sale “will be sure to cause hysteria around the company’s portfolio, with the stock anticipated to rise following the announcement.”

What they found was that Tesla was number one, with Apple coming in second with an average of 3.3 million searches, and GameStop ranking third with about 3.1 million searches per month.

Other notable stocks included Amazon, Moderna, Microsoft and Facebook, among others still.

Earlier this month, Tesla’s stock closed out at an all-time high of $1,208.59, causing the company’s market capitalization to briefly reach $1.2 trillion USD.

At the time of writing, Tesla’s (TSLA) stock is trading at $1,067.98 (-0.60), down 0.06 percent from Thursday’s market open.