Tesla Mobile App Code Mentions Supercharging for Non-Tesla Vehicles

tesla supercharger hero

Tesla has updated the iOS version of its mobile app and the code within now shows evidence of the company’s plans to offer up its Supercharger to non-Tesla vehicles.

According to @Tesla_App_iOS, version 4.2.3 of the Tesla iOS app details the following mentions in lines of code, essentially pushing the Tesla Supercharger network as a subscription service to non-Tesla vehicles:

  • “No Superchargers for Non-Tesla within range”
  • “charging_non_tesla no locations permission”: “In order to use this feature you will need to ##enableLocationServices## on your device.”
  • “charging_non _tesla shared_status message body”: “Access the largest global charging network”
  • “charging_non_tesla_subscription_notification subtitle”: “Pay a lower price per kwh”
  • “charging non tesla subscription_notification title”: “Save on your monthly charging costs with a Membership”

“To charge your Tesla just plug it in, Non-Tesla charging select a site to charge,” mentions the code.

“Certain Non-Tesla cars cannot use the Supercharging Network,” mentions the code. “For every additional minute a car remains connected to the Supercharger, after it has finished charging, it will incur an idle fee. If the car is moved within 5 minutes, the fee is waived. Idle fees only apply when a Supercharger station is at 50% capacity or more. Idle fees double when the station is at 100% capacity,” explains the code in the iOS app.

Also found in code are some in-app advertising of Tesla’s vehicle line up, from Model S to 3 to X to Y.

Tesla’s iOS app code also now provides a guide on how to enable remote camera access from the iPhone, a new feature within the 2021.36.8 software update.

According to @Tesla_App_iOS, code also mentions new API endpoints related to subscriptions as well.

Back in July, during Tesla’s Q2 earnings call, Musk detailed how non-Tesla vehicles would be able to use the Supercharger network. They would need to download the Tesla app, head to a Supercharger and note which stall they’re parked in. The EV owner would then use the Tesla app to enable their stall and start charging their non-Tesla EV.

You can see some of these changes in the Tesla iOS app below, with screenshots shared by @olympusdev_:

Tesla says its Supercharger network “should work with any manufacturer’s cars.” A Tesla adapter would be needed for other EVs to charge in North America. These adapters would be available for purchase and would be available at Superchargers as well, said Musk.

As of Tesla’s Q3 2021, the company said its Supercharger stations increased 49% year-over-year (YoY), with 3,254 total at the end of Q3. Individual Supercharger connectors are now at 29,281, an increase of 51% YoY.