Tesla Releases Project Dojo Whitepaper; Technology Will Save Lives Says Musk

Photo: Tesla

Tesla unveiled designs for its AI training supercomputer D1 Chip in August, and now the company has released a detailed report of the program, dubbed “Project Dojo” internally.

On Tuesday, Tesla officially released a whitepaper for Project Dojo, to which @Elon Musk responded saying, “This is more important than it may seem at first.” @Musk also went on to explain that the chip’s implementation could lead to “reducing traffic fatalities by 90%,” and even “perhaps ultimately by over 99%.”

Tesla released the D1 chip at an AI Day event in August, at which Project Dojo Senior Director of Autopilot Hardware Ganesh Venkataramana debuted the chip, beautifully laid out in a cabinet of stacked chip tiles.

Venkataramana explained that the D1 chip features a processing power of 362 teraflops based upon 7-nanometer chip manufacturing, which is then packed into what Tesla calls “training tiles,” connecting a total of 25 D1 chips together in an artificial intelligence supercomputer.

All-in-all, training tiles are combined into stacks of 120 in a server cabinet, allowing for up to 1.1 exaflops of computer power, expected to feature a smaller footprint from better performance, as well as AI learning capacities never before seen in any industry – let alone in something as delicate as autonomous driving.