Tesla Locks Charging on Scrapped Vehicles Affected by China Floods



Photo: yiche.com (via CNEVPost)

An abnormal and torrential rainstorm in Zhengzhou, China at the end of July rendered over 400,000 vehicles useless, and among them are a handful of Tesla’s electric vehicles (EVs).

As a result, Tesla has officially locked the DC fast-charging abilities of a number of its vehicles affected by the flooding, according to a report from yiche.com (via CNEVPost). The move will protect Tesla against the vehicles re-entering the used market, despite the fact that they may be irreparably damaged.

For many owners, these damages were reported as “scrapped” to the insurance company, which would then pay owners the total cost of the car per the insurance policy. After that point, owners are free to use the scrapped parts from the car at their disposal – which could be detrimental for Tesla, and for its drivers in this particular circumstance.

The news also comes following a case in which one man purchased one of the Tesla vehicles, now inheriting the cost of repairs and subsequently protesting the issue to Tesla. Additionally, the charging feature was found to be fully covered by some insurance companies in the Zhengzhou rainstorm, though the charging block won’t allow the vehicles to be used at all.

Tesla’s sales in China in September hit record numbers, and the company’s vehicles have been known to hold up decently in used markets.


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