Tesla Increases Price of Model S/X in Canada by Up to $8,000 CAD

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Tesla has increased its prices in the USA and Canada across its line up, with changes made on Friday night.

We saw the Model Y increase in price by $4,000 CAD (a total of $5,000 CAD in increases in one month alone), but there are also price increases to Model S and Model X as well up in the Great White North.

Check out the changes below…

Model S

  • Long Range – $121,990 CAD (+$7,000 CAD; was $114,990 CAD)
  • Plaid – $169,990 CAD (no change)

Model X

  • Long Range – $132,990 CAD (+$8,000 CAD; was $124,990)
  • Plaid – $159,990 CAD (no change)

Model S and Model X Long Range are now delivering in May 2022.

Tesla also increased the prices of Model 3 and Model Y in the United States by $2,000 USD, while Model S and Model X prices increased by $5,000 USD.

The company said during its Q3 earnings call they are seeing unprecedented demand for electric vehicles, particularly its own vehicles. Tesla saw a record quarter in deliveries, net income and revenue, with gross margins around 30%.

The company is also still dealing with a global semiconductor shortage and also parts as well. They explained price increases are to temporarily compensate for the shortages, with delivery times being pushed well into 2022 for new orders.