Tesla Model S/X Long Range Prices Increase by $5,000 USD



Image: Tesla

According to Tesla’s online vehicle configurator, the company has increased the base prices of the Long Range versions of its higher-end electric vehicles (EVs), the Model S and Model X, by a cool $5,000 USD each (via @SawyerMerritt).

At the new listed price, the Model X Long Range has stretched beyond the $100,000 USD mark for the very first time.

Here are the new starting prices for both vehicles:

  • Model S Long Range: $94,990 USD (+$5,000; was $89,990)
  • Model X Long Range: $104,990 USD (+$5,000; was $99,990)

Prices for the Plaid versions of the Model S and Model X remain unchanged.

The price hike wave has spread well beyond the Model S and Model X, however, with the more budget-friendly Model Y Long Range and Model 3 Standard Range Plus seeing increments of $2,000 USD each.

This is the third time Model S/X Long Range prices have gone up in the past four months β€” they went up by $5,000 USD in July, followed by another $5,000 USD in August. As things stand, there’s merely a $15,000 USD price difference between the Model X Long Range and the more premium Model X Plaid.

Vehicle prices jumping up in quick succession could be a result of the global semiconductor shortage that shows no signs of subsiding anytime soon, climbing costs of parts and supplies, or likely a mix of both combined with another factors.

Even those paying a hefty premium to order a Long Range Model S/X right now are going to have a long wait ahead of them β€” estimated delivery dates have slipped well into 2022 (June for the Model S LR, and September for the Model X LR at the time of writing).


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