Tesla Q3 2021 Earnings Call Transcript and Audio Supercut [VIDEO]



Tesla announced a record Q3 2021 yesterday, resulting in all-time highs in net income and revenue, while gross margins are nearing an astounding 30%.

The company saw $1.6 billion net income from $13.7 billion in total revenues and now has $16 billion in cash and cash equivalents. Tesla is firing on all cylinders, so to speak.

If you missed Tesla’s Q3 earnings call, you can check out the full-text transcript here from Seeking Alpha.

Meanwhile, Remo Uherek has created a Tesla Q3 2021 earnings call ‘supercut’, essentially cutting out all the fluff and pauses, whittling the call down to just under 43 minutes, cutting out 30% of non-important audio.

Uherek said he spent 8 hours on the edit (now that deserves a thumbs up and a subscribe!) and also has included a detailed timestamp of major topics and questions.

One day after its Q3 earnings, Tesla’s stock is trading at $890 per share, up 2.86% as of writing. Earlier today the stock touched $900 per share, and will likely hit a new all-time high tomorrow or Monday, possibly.


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