Tesla Updates its ‘Manufacturing’ Website, Detailing Factories and Job Listings



Photo: Tesla (via @flcnhvy)

It appears that Tesla has been going through and redesigning some of the pages on its site, with the company recently redoing another one of its pages.

Tesla updated the manufacturing page on its website, now depicting a number of new pieces of information about its factories, its job listings and its manufacturing practices in general (via @fflcnhvy).

The page is the newest addition to Tesla’s recently-redesigned pages, also including the company’s service page.

On Tesla’s manufacturing page, the company writes, “The first Model S rolled off the assembly line at our Fremont Factory in 2012. Today, we manufacture hundreds of thousands of vehicles and millions of energy products and batteries around the world — with even more factories opening soon.”

Last month, a filing showed Tesla’s plans to expand its Model Y production lines at the company’s Fremont Factory.

Earlier this year, Tesla’s under-construction Gigafactory Texas was awarded manufacturing project of the year, though the company must still ship its cars out of Texas first to legally deliver them to local Texas residents. This issue comes from a piece of anti-direct sales legislation that doesn’t support smaller automakers like Tesla, which makes most of its sales online.


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