Tesla FSD Beta 10.2 Gets ‘Honest Review’ by Ryan Shaw [VIDEO]



Photo: Ryan Shaw

Following a recent review of the Tesla Model S Plaid, Ryan Shaw has shared a new review of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving beta release, as updated earlier this month to include more users.

Ryan Shaw shared a new video on Monday, including a full review of Tesla’s Full-Self Driving (FSD) beta 10.2 in action as driven throughout Irvine, California. In the video, Shaw encounters a number of well-performed maneuvers, as well as a few necessary interventions.

Tesla’s expanded FSD beta fleet is only available to those with a perfect 100 Safety Score. Shaw borrowed his friend’s Model Y Performance to review FSD beta 10.2.

In the first drive, Shaw encounters just one intervention as he head’s to Angel’s Stadium, though he encounters a number of other interventions – some more intense than others – throughout the rest of the trip.

In addition, Shaw also offered criticisms of Elon Musk’s methods of sharing information about FSD over the past several years, including the as of yet unkept promise of the company deploying a million robo-taxis by 2020.

Despite the criticism, Shaw does say he’s incredibly impressed by the software, even with its few kinks. He also emphasizes what Tesla states about the software, which is that the driver needs to be attentive at all times while using the feature, since the average drive will require a number of interventions.

You can watch Ryan Shaw’s review of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving beta 10.2 below.


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