Tesla’s Third-Largest Single Shareholder to Buy Over 1 Million More Shares in January

Photo: electrek

After low-profile investor KoGuan Leo revealed himself to be Tesla’s third-largest investor, the individual is receiving a lot of attention on Twitter, and has committed to buying even more shares in Tesla (TSLA) than he already holds.

@KoGuan Leo said on Thursday that he plans to buy over a million more shares of Tesla (TSLA) by January 22, with more set to be purchased later through changing his calls into physical shares. The news came in response to another user asking whether KoGuan was done buying for a while or if he had any plans to buy more shares of the company.

According to KoGuan, he already owns more than 6.2 million Tesla shares, amounting to a value of roughly $4.6 billion USD. This places KoGuan into the category of Tesla’s third-largest investor, right behind Larry Ellison and Elon Musk himself – and also holding more shares of the company than the bullish investing firm Ark Invest.

While his willingness to accept the title came rather abruptly and mysteriously, KoGuan’s claims were also confirmed later by a number of users, including Tesla Head of Investor Relations Martin Viecha.

Tesla held its 2021 annual shareholder meeting via a live stream earlier this month, hosted from Austin, Texas, where the company is currently in the process of moving its headquarters from Fremont, California.

Currently, shares of Tesla are trading up 1.79% for the day as of writing, at $832.99 per share, nearing its 52-week high of $900.40.