Low Profile Investor Reveals He’s Tesla’s 3rd Largest Individual Shareholder



Photo: electrek

Tesla’s (TSLA) stock has remained a significant high-valuation stock to investors, and even as some of the world’s larger firms own a significant amount of money, the third-largest shareholder in Telsa’s shares has recently come forward, and his identity may come as a bit of a shock.

One self-proclaimed “Elon Musk fanboy” has collected Tesla (TSLA) shares worth over $4 billion USD, despite keeping a low profile up until this point, according to electrek.

KoGuan Leo, a graduate of Columbia University and New York Law School, as well as the founder of the large I.T. company SHI International Corp., has recently become active on Twitter and is reportedly the third-largest holder of Tesla’s stocks.

According to his claims, KoGuan owns over 6.2 million shares of Tesla, currently worth about $4.6 billion USD – making him the third-largest investor behind just Larry Ellison and Elon Musk himself, and even beating out other bullish firms, such as Ark Invest.

While public record of his claims wasn’t easy to find, several of @KoGuan Leo‘s followers confirmed the fact, including Tesla’s own Head of Investor Relations Martin Viecha.

KoGuan also says he plans to buy more Tesla shares than ARK can possibly sell – likely in hopes to cement himself in Tesla’s history going forward as one of the company’s largest shareholders.

The self-made tycoon also lives in the largest penthouse at Guoco Tower’s Wallich Residence in Singapore, formerly owned by James Dyson, purchased last fall for $62 million SGD ($45.8 million USD; Dyson sold for a $10.2 million USD loss).


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