Tesla 2021.32.22 Software Update Debuts FSD Beta Button, ‘Safety Score’ in Mobile App



Image: @jordandaleo on Twitter

Early Saturday morning, Tesla started rolling out the 2021.32.22 software update for its electric vehicles (EVs).

With this update, the long-awaited “Request” button for Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta finally goes live. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said last week that the “Request” button would be made available on Friday, alongside V10.1 of the FSD beta (before the latter was delayed).

FSD has been in private beta in the U.S. for quite some time now, and 2021.32.22 marks the beginning of its expansion into public beta.

Tesla owners who have bought the FSD upgrade (or have a Full Self-Driving subscription) can simply tap on the new ‘Request Full Self-Driving Beta’ button in the Autopilot section of their Tesla’s Control Panel, and they’ll be enrolled into a ‘queue’ of drivers waiting for admission to the program.

Not everyone will get in, though — eligibility is contingent upon a driver’s “Safety Score”, determined after a 7-day review of driving behavior using metrics from Tesla’s Insurance Calculator. If driving behavior is assessed as good, beta access will be granted.

Post-2021.32.22, Tesla owners will be able to see (and simulate) their Safety Score under a dedicated tab in the Tesla mobile app.

Even after being entered into the beta, Musk confirmed that anyone who isn’t “super careful” will be immediately booted from the program.


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