Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta Request Button Releases Friday Night, 10.1 Delayed



Photo: AI Addict

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced on Friday evening the company’s Full Self-Driving beta ‘request button’ will debut tonight, likely at midnight PDT.

Musk also said FSD 10.1 “needs another 24 hours of testing, so out tomorrow night.” Originally, FSD 10.1 was scheduled to release on Friday night alongside the FSD beta request button.

When asked, “Will the car still give recommendations on how to improve your driving so you can get beta?”, Musk replied with a simple, “yes”.

So far, it appears FSD beta will remain only available in the United States, despite Tesla testing with a select few in Canada.

What makes this FSD beta request button so significant is the fact it’ll be the first time regular user that paid $10,000 USD for the Full Self-Driving add-on to Autopilot, or those paying a monthly subscription in the U.S., will get access to the feature.

FSD allows complete navigation from your start to destination, without user input on highways and city streets. Musk says the current batch of beta testers, which numbers 2,000 or so, have not had any accidents with FSD beta, and the rollout will only apply to those deemed safe enough to try it.

According to “Amin A.”, who’s profile states “Tesla AP SW Engineer”, not every FSD purchaser/subscriber will get the beta button on Friday night, as the “biggest rollout will occur tomorrow afternoon.”

The supposed Tesla engineer claims FSD for city streets and highway stacks will merge with FSD beta 10.1, which is why the latter was delayed. “FSD can reverse in 10.1 as well,” claims Amin, who also noted Summon was “pushed to the bottom of our list for a while.”

Tesla will reportedly use a “modified FSD model for Summon. All vehicles will also be able to autopark in any space,” added Amin, if his tweets are to be believed.

Update Sept. 26, 2021: Amin is not a real Tesla employee, as we suspected, and has since deleted their account.


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