Rivian R1T Owner’s Manual Download Released, as Employees Get First Deliveries

The first production unit of Rivian’s all-electric pickup truck, the R1T, rolled off the line and into the hands of the first customer last week.

According to a recent tweet from The Kilowatts, the owner’s manual for the R1T has now gone live, and it details all of the electric pickup’s specifications, features, and ease of use offerings.

According to the owner’s manual, the R1T comes with a variety of ‘drive modes’ that optimize the vehicle for specific use cases. These modes include:

  • All-Purpose
  • Conserve
  • Sport
  • Off-Road
  • Towing

The R1T has already performed admirably in off-road tests, and its dedicated ‘Off-Road’ drive mode is actually sub-divided into four further variants for precision optimization: Auto, Rock Crawl, Rally, and Drift.

As for Driver+, Rivian’s competitor to Tesla’s AutoPilot driver assistance technology, the Adaptive Cruise Control feature can only be enabled between 20mph and 85mph, and Highway Assist can only be activated on “certain divided or controlled-access” highways.

Rivian’s companion smartphone app for its vehicles also launched last week, and the R1T comes with a number of electronics and accessories on board to make the driver’s life easier. Among these is a wireless charger capable of charging up to 2 devices at once, a camping speaker/lantern, a torch flashlight, and an air compressor stored within the gear tunnel door that has a 20′ hose and delivers up to 140 psi of air pressure.

The owner’s manual also sheds some light on Gear Guard, Rivian’s competitor to Tesla’s Sentry Mode, which uses the electric pickup’s built-in cameras to not only monitor the vehicle itself, but also its perimeter and anything stored in the truck bed.

Gear Guard also comes with a guard cable for securing anything you store in the truck bed, and video recording functionality is available.

After being delayed twice to September, deliveries for the R1T are now underway. In its review of the 2022 Rivian R1T, Motortrend called it the “most remarkable pickup” ever driven.

Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe announced last night the first deliveries went to its earliest employees: