Tesla Undecided on 4th Gigafactory Location Says Musk, as Rumours Claim Russia Next

Photo: Wu Wa

As of this year, Tesla will have Gigafactory locations in the U.S., China and Germany, though the company’s next Gigafactory location is still up for discussion.

Tesla has yet to decide on a location for its fourth Gigafactory location, according to a statement from @Elon Musk on Monday.

The response came following @ray4tesla asking Musk to validate rumors saying the company would be building a Russian Gigafactory, to which Musk said, “Tesla has not yet decided on a fourth Gigafactory location.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal earlier this year, Musk also said he thought Tesla was “close to establishing a Tesla presence in Russia,” adding that the country is on the table for a factory down the road.

In February, Musk also reached out to Russian President Vladimir Putin to chat on Clubhouse, but he never responded to the request – however, the Kremlin was reportedly considering the opportunity, despite it never coming to fruition.

Last year, Tesla was also the victim of an attempted ransomware attack by a Russian citizen who was pleaded guilty this year to conspiracy to intentionally cause damage to a protected computer. He is currently serving a ten-month sentence in a U.S. prison.