Hackers Show Off Tesla FSD Beta 9.1 in the Streets of Ukraine [VIDEO]



Photo: Doctor Elon

Following recent footage of a Tesla Model 3 using Full Self-Driving (FSD) in Ukraine, the hackers are at it again with a newly-updated software version – and the results are impressive.

Ukrainian hackers from the channel Doctor Elon shared new footage of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta 9.1 on Sunday, after obtaining the software despite it not being available in Ukraine (via @WholeMarsBlog).

At the beginning of the video, the host points out that the crew hadn’t done this for commercial gain, but rather because they are Tesla enthusiasts excited about how the software is developing, and they’re simply excited to try out the upcoming systems.

During the drive, the crew chose the same route as in a previous route, starting off by using the vehicle’s Autopilot before switching on the FSD 9.1 beta software. After the drive, in comparison with the last drive, the host said that the drive had already felt more tenderly.

The video shows FSD beta 9.1 travelling from the Red Building to Lviv Square in Kyiv, Ukraine.

During the drive, it’s also clear that the system wasn’t designed for Ukraine just yet, as the display doesn’t seem to point everything out that passes by. Still, the FSD system renders no real disengagements, especially impressive for not being released in the country as of yet.

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