Tesla Supercharger at Del Mar Heights in San Diego to Get V3 Upgrade



Photo: @StatsTeslaApp

Following Tesla’s opening of a huge San Diego Supercharger, the company has announced plans to close another one nearby.

A Supercharger location in San Diego, California will be closing this month, located on Del Mar Heights Rd., according to a photo shared by @StatsTeslaApp.

The photo depicts a sign which says “Supercharger closing September ’21,” while listing the recent 44-stall San Diego Supercharger that’s set to receive over 50 more Supercharger stalls in this year’s fourth quarter, as well as 16 other stalls in Del Mar.

Photo: Tesla

Currently, the Del Mar Heights Supercharger has 18 stalls, considered Urban chargers as they can only charge up to 72kW. Tesla’s latest V3 stalls can charge at rates up to 250kW, which will be a big upgrade for the site.

In addition, the sign lists nearby Supercharger locations, including those in San Diego located at 1055 Pacific Heights Blvd. and 8980 University Center Ln.

The news also comes amidst a huge push to expand the company’s charging network, ahead of Tesla’s plans to let other electric vehicles (EVs) use the Supercharger network.

While Tesla’s opening of the Supercharger network to other brands will take place first in the Netherlands, the company is expected to do so worldwide by the end of the year.

Tesla also shared job listings for Supercharger Site Design Managers last month, which will be expected to oversee the deployment of Superchargers in U.S. cities including Phoenix, Denver, Albuquerque, Oklahoma City, and multiple cities in Texas.

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