Tesla Creating New ‘Energy Trading and Market Operations’ Team



As Tesla continues to expand its efforts into the renewable energy market, the company is reportedly looking to create an internal team dedicated to energy trading, according to a job post shared by an employee of the company.

Tesla is seeking a team of employees dedicated to energy trading, according to a job posting shared on LinkedIn earlier this week (via Reuters).

The post was made by Tesla Senior Optimization Software Engineer Julian Lamy, who will head up the new team.

“I’m excited to announce that I’m building a new team at Tesla focused on Energy Trading and Market Operations. This team will drive performance of Tesla’s global fleet of battery + renewable projects, build expertise in wholesale energy markets, and support development of Autobidder, Tesla’s automated energy trading platform,” said Lamy on LinkedIn.

“We’re looking for folks with a combination of both engineering/analytical skills and energy trading expertise. The transition to sustainable energy is happening – help us accelerate it!”, he added.

The news comes just weeks after Tesla filed to become an electricity provider in Texas, following major blizzards and snowstorms in Texas earlier this year, during which Tesla’s Powerwalls helped many customers keep the lights and heat on in their houses.

Tesla’s expansion into energy trading is likely to give the company the opportunity to operate as an electricity provider beyond its current hardware offering residential energy, which would effectively allow the company to provide electricity services at the utility level.

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