Tesla 12V Battery Replacement by Mobile Service Costs $120 USD, Less than Expected

Photo: u/FLAlex111 on Reddit

Tesla deployed messages to many Model 3 owners reporting a failing 12V battery earlier this year, and the price of the fix from either Tesla’s Mobile Service or through its Service Centers is reportedly lower than one user was expecting.

On Sunday, one user reported that their 12V battery replacement by Tesla’s Mobile Service was cheaper than expected, costing under $120 USD for the replacement part, about 10 minutes of labor, and subsequent taxes (via Reddit).

The fix took place on the user’s Model 3, and they reported seeing other posts with prices around $250 USD, making them think the fix would be much more costly.

Others also shared that the Model S and X unit battery replacements are more costly since they use a different battery, often costing as much as $200. Tesla’s refreshed Model S and X were switched to a lithium-ion 12V battery, as can be seen in this Model S Plaid.

The user also reported receiving a message on their infotainment system about a week in advance of the battery actually failing, with the warning stating it wasn’t critical yet but needed to be addressed soon.

Still, other users in the thread commented saying their 12V batteries failed before receiving a message, and they needed to jump their batteries to get the 12V inverter up and running.