Tesla Store in New Jersey Blown Out by Hurricane Ida



Photo: Mitsu Yasukawa / North Jersey

As Hurricane Ida plagues much of the East Coast with flooding and severe storms, one Tesla store in New Jersey partially collapsed.

On Wednesday night, a Tesla store in Paramus, New Jersey was badly damaged and partially collapsed by storms and flooding, resulting from Hurricane Ida, according to North Jersey. The store’s front glass was completely shattered in the midst of the storms, leaving glass and damage atop nearby showroom Tesla units.

Nearly 200 people on Route 17 were forced to abandon their vehicles as they became submerged, many of which the borough is still towing after the fact. Paramus Mayor Richard called the damage sustained by the Tesla store a “total loss,” emphasizing the job done by emergency responders during the flooding.

Photo: Mitsu Yasukawa / North Jersey

LaBarbiera said, “I can’t say enough about the job from our first responders.” LaBarbiera continued, “We had our high water vehicles ready.”

Photo: Mitsu Yasukawa / North Jersey

Other areas of New Jersey also experienced major flooding on Wednesday, including Fort Lee, Little Falls, Mahwah, and Palisades Park, among other locations, and many with a path of mud and destruction in their wake.

Severe flooding also took place in China in July, during which a Tesla Model 3 was seen escaping flood scenes in what should be called “boat mode.”


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