Tesla Model 3 Escapes Flooding in China with Unofficial ‘Boat Mode’ [VIDEO]



Photo: @AustinTeslaClub

Tesla’s vehicles are hardy, to be sure, and while the current mass flooding in mainland China rages on against many vehicle owners, Tesla owners can trust that they’ll likely be able to get through the season without ruining their cars.

In a heart-wrenching new video shared by @Austin Tesla Club we can see a Tesla Model 3 from high above as it wades through flooding in mainland China. While the water easily looks to be above the electric vehicle’s (EV’s) wheels at certain points in the video, it successfully evades the current, even as a few other cars are left behind in the water.

@Ray4Tesla and @Jay in Shanghai also shared footage of a Tesla trying to get past a flooded China highway, but this time from inside the vehicle. As the driver progresses forward into what looks like a river or other body of water, the water comes easily up to the vehicle’s windshield, despite continuing to make its way forward.

A similar video from China last September showed a Tesla Model S driving away unscathed after water spills up onto a highway, leaving most of the surrounding affected vehicles out of commission.

Back in 2016, CEO Elon Musk said the Model S “floats well enough to turn it into a boat for short periods of time. Thrust via wheel rotation.” Looks like this unofficial feature is also available on other Tesla models, thanks to sealed battery packs and more.

While it’s no Bioweapon Defense Mode in the Model 3, it appears that Tesla’s vehicles can hold up to some flooding, which is a relief for owners, especially on the cusp of climate changes which may bring about more regular inclement weather conditions.


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