Former Tesla Engineer Explains Model S Door Handle Mechanics [VIDEO]



Photo: SuperfastMatt

Tesla’s door handles have improved significantly throughout the years, and though the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck won’t have door handles at all, the company seems to have all but mastered their design – at least according to one mechanical engineer.

In a video posted by SuperfastMatt on Thursday, Mechanical Engineer named Matt–who used to work for Tesla–talks through and takes apart the Tesla Model S door handle, saying that the part has gone from a “crude design prone to failures, to an impressively simple and advanced design.”

In the video, Matt talks about how the Tesla door handle works, how the handles used to break with the old configuration, how Tesla has improved the handle design, and how the handle sends its data.

Potential failure points in early Tesla door handles. Photo: SuperfastMatt

One of the major improvements on early designs, Matt says, is the move from the company’s initial use of failure-prone sensors to a single solid-state sensor in a completely watertight container.

Tesla’s door handle also uses a magnetic KMA215 programmable angle sensor that deploys SENT data to communicate simple data to the car itself about when the handle is deployed and used.

You can see Matt’s full breakdown of the Tesla door handle below or on the YouTube channel SuperfastMatt.


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