Tesla in Discussions with Parts Suppliers in India, Ahead of Launch: Report



As Tesla prepares to begin importing its cars into India, the company is reportedly already in talks with hardware supply companies in the area about sourcing parts.

Tesla is currently in discussion with three different Indian automobile hardware supply companies over important electrical, electronic, and mechanical hardware components for its electric vehicles (EVs), according to the Economic Times.

The Indian companies detailed in talks with Tesla are Sona Comstar Ltd., Sandhar Technologies Ltd. and Bharat Forge Ltd, and the company is looking at windshields, differential brakes, instrument panels, gears, and power seats, as the report details.

The news comes just a few weeks after India told Tesla it wanted detailed sourcing plans and a roadmap before considering lowering import duties. The statement also came after weeks of back and forth deliberation between the company and government officials, over whether the country’s high import duties could be brought down.

In addition, Tesla has discussed plans to build a car factory in Southern India since at least February, though it plans to initially sell import cars within the country. If the U.S. automaker established a plant in India, one Indian minister told Tesla the country could offer the lowest production costs in the world by working with local suppliers.

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