Three Cargo Ships Tracked Unloading Tesla Model 3/Y in Belgium

Photo: @mortenlund89

A major shipment of Tesla’s vehicles has arrived in Europe, just weeks before the company’s first Model Y deliveries are expected to be delivered.

Three ships were spotted unloading Tesla Model 3 and Y units in Zeebrugge, Belgium on Monday, according to Morten Grove.

The Tesla units were caught in never-before-seen volumes, unloading from the watercrafts Glovis Supreme and Helios Ray sporting both Model 3 and Y units, while the Hoegh Oslo carried only Model 3 units.

The news comes just weeks after Tesla’s first Model Y units arrived in Europe, confirmed earlier this morning by the company, noting the cars were made at Gigafactory Shanghai in China, ahead of Gigafactory Berlin’s production start.

Recently, Tesla Model Y vehicles were spotted with ‘Not Model Y’ branding on the side in The Netherlands, as part of a marketing campaign.

Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin completion is imminent, with CEO Elon Musk saying the German factory will hopefully produce cars by October. The Grünheide, Germany production facility has been under construction for much of the past year, and has faced a number of delays – though Ministers of Brandenburg have said the process is nearing full approval.