Watch Tesla’s Model S Plaid Dominate 20 Runs at the Drag Strip [VIDEO]



Photo: Tesla Plaid Channel

The Tesla Model S Plaid has been seen taking drag strip runs a handful of times since its July release, and in a new video, the host takes onlookers through a high volume of impressive drag races.

Tesla Plaid Channel released footage of a 20-run trip at the drag strip featuring a newly-delivered Tesla Model S Plaid. The host takes viewers through a short review of the Model S Plaid, before moving on to a number of races with other vehicles – in which the Plaid unsurprisingly wins each time.

Notably, the Model S Plaid also faces tuned versions of a 911 Turbo S and a Cuda 440, both of which the car is able to beat out.

Tesla Plaid Channel says it was able to beat cars that previously were able to win against their other Model S Performance Raven. Talk about sweet revenge, in the form of Plaid.

In the video, the host filters through the Tesla Model S Plaid’s various acceleration modes, using them all with the exception of the “normal speed vehicle” mode, called Chill mode. The video’s description lists its 20-run drag strip times in the Model S Plaid, throughout which the host switches between using Plaid mode, Sport mode, and Drag Strip mode – each with their own impressive fair of times.

Last month, the Tesla Model S Plaid also returned to Nürburgring raceway in Germany to show off its all-electric drag racing skills against the Porsche Taycan.

You can watch Tesla Plaid Channel’s full 20-run drag strip trip with the Tesla Model S Plaid below.


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