Tesla Supercharger at SpaceX Headquarters Closing to the Public



Image: @MarcoRPTesla on Twitter

According to a recent tweet from “Supercharger sleuth” and avid Tesla Motors Club (TMC) contributor Marco (@MarcoRPTesla), the V3 Tesla Supercharger at SpaceX’s headquarters in Hawthorne, California, will be permanently closed to the general public on Monday, July 19.

Located at 1 Rocket Rd in Hawthorne, CA, the Supercharger was removed from the Tesla website and in-car navigation recently. Tesla owners were still able to charge at the location, but that changes Monday.

To get to the Supercharger, you had to drive through SpaceX headquarters. Patrons who wanted to use the restroom once at the Supercharger installation even had to go through SpaceX security.

Given the influx of government contracts at SpaceX (including a fairly recent $2.89 billion USD NASA contract) and just how many SpaceX/Tesla goodies have been spotted at SpaceX HQ ahead of their public reveal by people heading towards the Supercharger, it’s no surprise that public access to the facility is being rescinded to sure up security at the site.

This Supercharger was apparently the first in the world and according to Redditors, was removed from in-car navigation months ago, as far as seven months back.

The Supercharger, which tops out at a whopping 250 kW of power output per car, will still be available to SpaceX employees and those with reason to be at the HQ. To the general public, Tesla recommends the nearby Superchargers at Target and Marriot.


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