Tesla Sues Model 3 Owner in China For Alleged ‘Brake Failure’ Stunt

Tesla China is seeking legal recourse against the owner of a Model 3 who claimed that his vehicle was “out of control,” and alleges it was a “brake failure,” as reported by Teslarati. The indictment was sent just a few days ago, after the user posted the alleged failure on Weibo.

When posting the alleged incident on Weibo, which included an Event Data Recorder (EDR) from the Wenzhou Automotive Engineering Society, the Model 3 owner asked other users for help decoding the report. Upon doing so, however, the driver was told that the record showed that he had mistakenly accelerated during the incident, rather than using the brakes at all.

The news comes just a few months after a woman climbed on top of a Tesla Model 3 at the Auto Shanghai expo, alleging that Tesla’s “failed brakes” almost killed her family – later posting the video to Weibo. Tesla denied the claims, and later went on to release the data from the accident, which showed that the accident was caused by speeding, rather than by any kind of brake failure.

Tesla may not necessarily seek high levels of compensation in the Model 3 owner’s case, though they will likely at least request for him to remove the post and admit that the incident didn’t happen the way it was claimed to have happened.