NYPD Purchases Tesla Model 3 For Highway Patrol

Photo: electrek

A number of Tesla police cruisers have been popping up around the world in the last few months, as officials discover that electric vehicles (EVs) can help save money on maintenance while reducing emissions.

According to a new update, the New York Police Department (NYPD) has officially purchased a Tesla Model 3 to use as a patrol car, spotted in New York earlier this week, reports electrek.

Based on decals above the wheelbase and on the back windshield, it appears that the Model 3 will be used by New York’s Highway Patrol.

In addition to the NYPD’s recent acquisition of the Model 3, the Rosendale Police Department, located just a couple hours north of New York City, has also purchased a Tesla Model 3 (via Tesla New York).

The department is reportedly putting the “finishing touches” on the EV over the next two weeks, before putting it into service.

Photo: Rosendale Police Department

Hastings-on-Hudson Police Department, which is also in New York, also adopted an EV to use as a patrol vehicle, though that particular department settled on a Tesla Model Y instead.

Some of the earliest adoptions of the Model 3 police cruiser came from a police department in Bargersville, Indiana in August 2019, and in May, the department reported that it saved nearly $7,000 USD after a year of using the electric cruiser.