Tesla Owner Builds Awesome DIY Outdoor Charger [PICS]



Photo: u/dalemugford

Tesla fans have been known to get crafty surrounding their at-home charging setups, but a new DIY charger project takes this idea to the next level.

One Tesla owner built a custom outdoor charging station at their home, according to a post on Reddit. The charger features a wood post on top of a concrete slab, under which the user had to run conduit underground from the house to the parking location.

The unit uses 3/3 100A Teck copper as buried underground in conduit lines from the house, leading up and out of the ground to the charger site, with the Tesla charger attached to a wood wall panel.

In addition, the charger is able to connect to Wi-Fi, with the signal reaching from the house to the charger itself – allowing it to communicate to other chargers if built down the line, or to let the owner know about updates and other communication needs.

Photo: u/dalemugford

Last year, one Tesla fan created a working DIY paper mache Supercharger, and despite the quirkiness of it, the dedication and usefulness in creating this unit are certainly worth noting.

Similarly, one Tesla owner in Romania built a homemade Powerwall in the garage, and while the region doesn’t have access to Tesla’s Powerwalls, the build is fully functional and able to charge the person’s car.

Photo: u/dalemugford


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