Tesla Model Y No Radar Autopilot Tested in the Rain [VIDEO]

Photo: Dirty Tesla

Videos of Tesla’s camera-based Autopilot update, known as Pure Vision, continue to make their way onto the internet, including a new test of the system.

In a new video from Michigan-based Dirty Tesla released on Tuesday, we see another glimpse at Tesla Pure Vision Autopilot tests in the rain, just weeks after Tesla’s camera-based, no-radar sensors have been operational.

The video shows footage of what Tesla’s external cameras are seeing, in addition to showing the front-view through the windshield as the host discusses the Autopilot’s functionality.

As the video continues, the rain begins to pick up and you can really see how obstructed the camera looks, though Autopilot seems to slow down when necessary with ease, and without being a nuisance or making mistakes.

While Tesla CEO Elon Musk has famously dismissed radar as being inferior to camera-based sensing technology, nearly every car company that uses cruise control or similar features uses radar for their sensor needs.

This particular test of Tesla’s new camera-based Autopilot shows how little radar may be necessary after all – and just how far the technology has come since some of first tests of Tesla Vision just over a month ago.

You can watch Dirty Tesla’s full test and breakdown of Tesla Vision in the rain below. Autopilot does a pretty darn good job:

YouTube video