First Look: Tesla’s Software Update in China After the ‘Recall’ [VIDEO]

Photo: Ray4Tesla

Tesla’s software updates often subtly change the functionality of its cars, and a recent update following a “safety recall” in the country has upgraded the company’s cruise control mode to become more engaging for drivers.

A new over-the-air (OTA) update in China’s Tesla vehicles features audible alerts when the driver enters or exits the car’s Traffic Aware Cruise Control (TACC),  mode, according to @Ray4Tesla.

Upon the alert, drivers can then push the lever up to enter TACC mode, while turning the lever down from in the mode cues another audible alert, before turning TACC mode off.

The news comes following China’s State Administration for Market Regulation calling for a recall of about 285,000 Model 3 and Y units made between December 2019 and June 2021. The recall addressed the potential for drivers to accidentally trigger cruise control, resulting in unexpected speed increases.

On Weibo, Tesla said, “We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this recall to all car owners.” The company continued, “Tesla will continue to improve safety in strict accordance with national requirements.”

Despite the “recall,” which had been requested by Tesla a few days prior, a fix was made in a few days in the form of the OTA update, simply alerting drivers when cruise control is entered or exited.

Even with the apparently negative news, Tesla’s stock price remains unfazed as it is up 2.35% on Monday morning, trading at $687 per share.