Tesla Installing 20 New V3 Superchargers in Atlanta



Photo: MarcoRPTesla

Tesla has been rapidly expanding its Supercharger network around the world, and as the charging network grows, so too will mainstream electric vehicle (EV) adoption, in theory.

On Monday, MarcoRPTesla shared image filings for 20 new Tesla V3 Superchargers coming to Atlantic Station, located at 1380 Atlantic Drive in Atlanta, Georgia.

The filing shows an aerial image of the surrounding roads with an arrow to the specific location of the site, along with a close-up of the Supercharger lot’s layout.

Photo: MarcoRPTesla

According to the filing, power from the Atlanta V3 Supercharger station will be contracted to Georgia Power. Tesla also installed eight new Supercharger stalls in Atlanta earlier this year, located at 3660 Marketplace Boulevard.

Earlier this year, Tesla Supercharger Market Lead Justing Lange announced that all of the company’s Supercharger energy would be 100 percent renewable by 2021.

Tesla announced last week that it may open up its German Supercharger network to other EV manufacturers, which would even further help encourage mainstream EV adoption. While it’s not clear if Tesla plans to do the same within the U.S. market, the opportunity could also serve to increase the company’s revenue stream amidst growing competition.


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