Tesla Model S Progressive Steering for Yoke May Debut “In a Few Years”: Musk



Tesla’s electric vehicles (EVs) don’t have progressive steering, even though many wondered if the feature would be released with the company’s Model S yoke-style steering wheel. According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, however, the feature could be coming in the next few years.

In response to a criticism on Thursday stating how awkward the yoke-style steering wheel is around towns and in maneuvers like pulling into parking spots, Elon Musk said that progressive steering in Teslas would “require complex gearing or drive-by-wire without direct mechanical link,” adding that Tesla “will aim for that in a few years.”

Progressive steering is a steering wheel system to make low-speed turning easier than the maneuver’s analog output by providing a “progressive” steering ratio for low-speed situations, as opposed to a constant steering ratio.

Musk also included in the comment that, in his opinion, driving with the steering yoke is “great” after having driven with it “for a while.” Whether the yoke steering wheel is awkward or just takes some getting used to, the internet has certainly picked up on some of the odd motions made while driving with the wheel, being the first of its kind in a car.

In addition to the yoke steering wheel, Tesla’s Model S Plaid has auto-shifting, touch controls, and a number of other innovative, if not intimidating, new features.


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