How Tesla’s White Seats Hold Up After 6 Months of No Cleaning [VIDEO]

Tesla’s vegan white leather makes for an excellent-looking auto interior, but how does it hold up against time and dirt after six months of neglect?

In a video released by AI Addict on Monday, the host walks viewers through Tesla’s Model X vegan white leather interior after six months of not being cleaned. The host goes on to show the process of cleaning the seats, depicting how simple the process really is – the sign of truly a high-quality fabric.

With just a few simple wipes using just a microfiber rag and warm water, the seats are quickly and simply returned to what appears to be the original white color, prior to six months of not being cleaned. The host also attempts a few different methods of cleaning the seats, including a dry microfiber towel – which is also fairly effective on its own.

Tesla unveiled its white vegan leather interior alongside a new center console in the Model 3 last year, alongside chrome deleted handles and a number of other updates. Tesla is known for its incremental upgrades, which come out every so often whenever the company decides to release them, rather than being released with yearly car models like other automakers.

You can watch AI Addict’s full six-month dirty seat cleaning tutorial for the white vegan leather in Tesla’s Model 3 below. He says he did everything in the white seats, from eating to sitting in them with damp shorts. He recommends people should get the white seats and they hold up well, even with lack of regular cleaning.

YouTube video