Tesla Model S Plaid Review: Auto Shift Tested; Touchscreen UI, Gaming, PPF Included [VIDEO]

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Tesla Raj attended the company’s Model S Plaid event, uncovering a bunch of tidbits about the new electric sedan.

In a new 40-minute video, Raj shares a review of the Tesla Model S Plaid, owned by Logan from the Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley club.

In the video, Raj goes over the Model S Plaid screen’s user interface, which includes drag and drop, plus he shows off the new ‘yoke’ steering wheel.

We also see Auto Shift out of Park in action and tested, to see what happens if humans are standing in front and the back of the Model S Plaid. Raj also connects a PS5 Bluetooth gaming controller to the Model S Plaid, while also tried connecting Apple AirPods, but that didn’t work.

We also see how the rear display works for rear passengers when controlling ventilation and also entertainment, plus we also see how the ventilated front seats work for both heating and cooling.

As for some tidbits not mentioned from Tesla, Raj points out the Model S Plaid also includes factory paint protection film (PPF) on the rear side panels, just ahead of the rear wheels. Tesla also has started including PPF with some Model Y deliveries recently, although the company’s official stance is they will install factory PPF if you purchase it. Definitely worth checking out the complete video from Tesla Raj above.