Tesla to Unveil New Game to Show Off AMD Graphics Hardware: Report



Charging time remains a major part of electric vehicles (EVs), and Tesla has already made its ambitions to make those times as entertaining as possible clear, with a future in the video games sector, and a new update on its games reportedly set to arrive Friday.

Tesla follower Sawyer Merritt reported on Wednesday night Tesla plans to reveal a new game today, according to an unnamed source. The game, which will utilize its upcoming AMD hardware, has not yet been shared in any capacity, despite past sources catching on to Tesla’s game development plans.

In a press conference at the beginning of the month, AMD confirmed Tesla’s Model S/X units would use the company’s hardware, including RDNA 2 GPUs and a Ryzen processing chip with Radeon graphics processing, meaning the new Tesla cars will have gaming hardware equal to Sony’s PlayStation 5.

Back in August 2020, it was reported Tesla was creating video game, software and UI teams in Austin, Texas.

In the past, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has shared his excitement over The Witcher franchise, and has also alluded to The Witcher 3 coming directly to Teslas, though the job descriptions posted earlier this year also signify Tesla’s hopes to make its own games.


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