Randy Pobst Talks Pikes Peak Prep, Tesla Crash in New Documentary [VIDEO]

Tesla’s cars are able to keep up with some of the world’s most powerful racecars, as has been shown time and time again from Tesla Model 3 racecar driver Randy Pobst.

A new behind-the-scenes documentary produced by the Kilowatts was shared by Unplugged Performance on Thursday, featuring footage of Tesla Model 3 racer Randy Pobst from last year’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. The footage shares interviews with Pobst himself, as well as with various engineers and crew members on the modified Model 3 driver’s racing team.

After a scary scene when Tesla Model 3 racer Randy Pobst crashed at last year’s Pikes Peak Internation Hill Climb, Pobst and his crew re-built, as seen throughout the short film.

The video also details relations with the Tesla Corsa team, which was responsible for the modified Model 3 body, as well as how the team got started racing electric vehicles (EVs). Unplugged Performance Co-Founder Ben Schaffer said that the move to racing was essentially an attempt to make EVs look fun for car lovers.

Schaffer said, “We approached this trying to answer the question, ‘what would make electric cars exciting for car enthusiasts?’ And at the time no one had done it.” Schaffer continued, “And we started Tesla Corsa Track Day events which were the first of its kind.”

Check out the video below:

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