Tesla App to Soon Include FSD Subscriptions, Tesla Insurance: Hacker

In a recent Reddit post, user Callump01 outlined what’s possibly coming to the Tesla app, after doing some digging into the latter.

This is the same Reddit user who broke the news of a Full Self-Driving (FSD) subscription being in the works after reverse-engineering the Tesla app late last year.

“I’ve been doing some more reverse engineering again and here’s what’s next for the Tesla App, Tesla Insurance and the FSD subscription,” said Callump01 this time around.

The biggest upcoming updates to the Tesla app include Tesla Insurance being integrated into the mobile app, a new ‘Safety Ratings’ section, a new ‘Simulator’ for Tesla Insurance.

The ‘Safety Ratings’ section is in early development, and will record (and likely display) the following information:

  • Number of hours driven.
  • AutoPilot use statistics.
  • ABS events.
  • Forward collision warnings.
  • Autosteer Strikouts.
  • Accelerator Variance.
  • Other metrics.

All of the statistics will be recorded on both a per-trip and per-month basis, and displayed in graphical form. Users will be given a ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ rating on each metric depending on how it stacks up with the rest of the Tesla fleet, and each metric will be tied directly to the user’s Tesla Insurance.

Whether the end user will be able to see their ratings for each metric currently remains unknown.

The user also uncovered additional information on how Tesla Insurance works. The following factors affect a user’s Tesla Insurance premiums, titles, and tooltips:

  • ABS Activation.
  • Hours Driven.
  • Forced Autopilot Disengagements — Number of times Autopilot is disabled due to ignored alerts.
  • Forward Collision Warnings.
  • Unsafe Following Time — Time spent at an unsafe following distance from other vehicles on the road.
  • Intensity of Acceleration and Braking.

Each of the performance factors are evaluated against an average for that metric. The more factors you score better than the average on, the more you’ll save on your premiums. In any given month, your Tesla Insurance premiums won’t change more than 50% in either direction based on your driving behavior.

The new ‘Simulator’ can be used adjust each of the performance factors detailed above and see how they impact your Safety Rating and, by extension, your Tesla Insurance premiums.

Callump01 also reports that FSD subscriptions are nearing release as a ton of work around in-app subscriptions has already been completed.

Earlier in the year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced a Q2 release timeline for FSD subscriptions. After originally announcing a May launch, Musk has now said that FSD subscriptions will be available in June alongside FSD Beta V9.

The ‘Cart’ system for in-app subscriptions has been completed, and the payment processor is also close to being set up. The Tesla app will be getting a new ‘Subscriptions’ page to toggle subscription auto-renewal, update payment details, download invoices, and more.

A feature to set a spending limit for your card has also been spotted, although it’s anyone’s best guess what that could be used for. It appears that FSD subscriptions will be available in ‘Weekend Mode’ and ‘Travel Mode’, although what each does is a mystery at this time.

At this point in time, it looks like FSD subscriptions will be rolling out with only monthly billing periods, although Tesla plans on offering longer (and shorter) subscription options.

Users will also be able to request refunds for their FSD subscriptions for a specific amount of time after purchasing them, much like they can with other in-app upgrades.

Tesla is set to hold a Model S Plaid delivery event this week on June 10–stay tuned as we should find out more this week.