Elon Musk Gives FSD Beta V9 Release Update, Subscriptions in ‘About a Month’

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has again provided an updated timeline on the release of Full Self-Driving beta version 9.0 and expansion of the latter’s program, plus also updated when FSD subscriptions would be coming.

On early Wednesday morning, when asked when FSD V9.0 and FSD subscriptions would be launching, Musk replied, “We had to focus on removing radar & confirming safety. That release goes out next week to US production. Then a week or two to polish pure vision FSD & v9 beta will release. Difference between v8 & v9 is gigantic.”

As for FSD V9 beta expansion, Musk added, “I think we’re maybe a month or two away from wide beta. But these things are hard to predict accurately.” He added, “the work we had to do for pure vision driving was needed for FSD, so much more progress has been made than it would seem.”

As for the highly anticipated FSD subscription? Musk said it “rolls out in about a month,” so that would imply April.

When asked about Smart Summon functionality in Europe, Musk said, “End of year, along with FSD, provided we get regulatory approval. Smart Summon is just a subset of FSD.”

The Tesla CEO was also asked about phantom breaking with bridges and overpasses with FSD, and whether pure vision would eliminate the problem. Musk just answered with “yes”.

Now, we all know about “Elon time” and his answers above suggest there is another delay. Back in April, he said FSD subscriptions and the beta expansion would happen in May. In March, Musk said FSD subscriptions would be launching in Q2. Last December, Musk said FSD subscriptions would be coming in early 2021.

Nevertheless, it’s probably better Tesla takes its time to release FSD V9 beta when it’s ready. Musk has been hyping up the new version, saying today the changes compared to its predecessor are “gigantic”, so high expectations have been set.