2021 Tesla Model Y Gets New Windshield Wipers [VIDEO]



Image: DÆrik on YouTube

Tesla enthusiast and YouTuber DÆrik recently posted a new video showcasing some of the lesser-known new features and improvements that the 2021 Model Y refresh brings into the fray.

The YouTuber dedicated a fair bit of time to showcasing a hardware upgrade to the electric vehicle (EV)’s windshield wiping and washing system: new windshield wipers, now with additional water jets.

Check out the video below:

The Model Y’s windshield wipers previously featured one water nozzle on each wiper. With the refreshed 2021 Model Y, that number has been upped to two water outlets at the end of each wiper, and an additional three nozzles on each wiper arm.

With all Model 3 and Model Y deliveries from May 2021 and onward ditching radar and relying entirely on cameras for Autopilot, it is quite possible that the windshield washing system was upgraded to improve visibility for the vehicle’s camera array.

In addition, the 2021 Model Y comes with double-paned glass windows, auto-dimming side mirrors, matte-finish door buttons instead of glossy ones, and the Sentry Mode USB drive now safely tucked away in the glove box.

The Model Y refresh also does away with adjustable lumbar for the front passenger seat.

As for how Autopilot fares on a Tesla that relies entirely on cameras and has no radar, here’s a comparison between the 2021 Model Y and radar-equipped Model X.


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