Tesla Autopilot Box Test: Pure Vision Model Y vs. Model X with Radar



Tesla Pure Vision’s camera-based internal telemetry view. Photo: @Greentheonly

Following the recent replacement of radar on Teslas to Pure Vision cameras, and reports of Tesla using the in-cabin camera to monitor driver attention, one Tesla fan has released some of the first videos driving a radarless Tesla.

Popular Tesla hacker @greentheonly got Kevin Smith (@spleck) to test his radarless Model Y on Sunday, and shared a video of the vehicle’s internal camera vision as it approaches a box (wrapped in foil for increased radar response).

Both instances compared the Model Y’s Pure Vision Autopilot to a Model X’s radar Autopilot.

In both the Model X and radarless Model Y, the vehicles hit the box, with the main difference being that that Model X provides a Forward Collision Warning, while the Model Y hits the box with no warnings whatsoever.

In a pair of follow-up tests, a fake pedestrian made from taller materials were attached to the box. On Autopilot with Tesla Vision, the Model Y slows to a stop before the box.

But on a manual, non-Autopilot test, the cameras recognize the “pedestrian,” though it doesn’t stop the car or provide warnings at all, hitting the box outright. Yikes.

Interestingly, when asked if current cars with radar will phase out the use of the technology in future updates, Green says they “find this unlikely.”

Later, Green went on to explain that, “After all it’s just a tiny corner of the code that even looks at radar, the major bulk is the vision only code that does not.”

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