Tesla Model Y Now Includes Auto-Dimming Side Mirrors



Image: u/ThunderMusc1e

After bringing auto-dimming side mirrors back to the Model 3 earlier this year with the 2020 refresh for its prized electric vehicle, Tesla appears to be silently adding the feature to newer Model Y units as well — as confirmed by Reddit user ThunderMusc1e in a recent thread.

As suggested by their name, auto-dimming side mirrors automatically dim your vehicle’s side mirror panels in low-light conditions, mainly to reduce glare from the headlights of trailing vehicles.

While the feature can sometimes reduce visibility (especially if you have tinted windows), it is an absolute blessing when you’re going down a busy highway at night, surrounded by vehicles with their headlamps set on high beam.

When Tesla omitted auto-dimming side mirrors from the first Model Y deliveries earlier this year, the feature was sorely missed by consumers. Not many people like being blinded by the headlights of the vehicle behind them when they glance at their side mirror, after all.

ThunderMusc1e‘s Model Y, bearing a 74XXX VIN number, has been confirmed to have auto-dimming side mirrors. Reddit users with 68XXX, 72XXX, and 655XXX VIN numbers reported not having auto-dimming side mirrors in the same thread, whereas a user with a 65XXX VIN number revealed that his Model Y did have them.

However, VIN numbers for vehicles aren’t assigned sequentially, so your Model Y’s build date will ultimately decide whether or not your unit gets auto-dimming side mirrors.


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