Tesla Model Y Standard Performance Walkthrough with 19″ Gemini Wheels [VIDEO]

We’ve seen a lot of Tesla Model Y walk through videos lately. As the electric vehicle continues to grow in acclaim, it’s interesting to take a look at some of the different models. A new YouTube video from Ryan Wallace does just that. With a full walk through of a white Model Y Standard Performance model, viewers get a look into every last detail.

YouTube video

As the video lays out from the start, this walk through is a bit different from others. While a lot of videos focus on the Performance Plus model, Ryan’s video focuses on the Standard Performance model. What makes this model different? For one, this model has 19″ Gemini wheels.

Another interesting note focuses on the side view mirrors. With the Model Y, Tesla designed the mirrors to be taller and thinner. The company also did away with the auto dim feature. With these changes the Model Y side view mirrors have improved visibility.

The panoramic glass roof in the interior gets its mention here, too. Lights and hangars on the back seats have been moved to the vehicle’s side pillars. With the folding back seats and enhanced trunk space, the Model Y makes the most of a number of small tweaks.