Walkthrough Video Shows Tesla Model Y Details

As Tesla Model Y deliveries continue, more drivers are recording detailed walk through videos. While most videos showcase some of the most popular features of the electric vehicle, others look at finer details.

This new video titled “The Tesla Model Y – Full In Person Walkthrough” by Ryan Shaw is one such video. Rather than highlighting much discussed features, the video focuses on the more technical specifics of the Model Y. The video begins by analyzing some of the exterior features. The red brake calipers (included with the Performance upgrade package) add a subtle stylistic touch to the wheels. The video also highlights eight separate cameras on the exterior, each contributing to the Tesla Autopilot system.

As a small but helpful addition, Ryan Shaw shows off the controls for adjusting the seats on both the driver’s side and the passenger’s side. He then brandishes a tape measure to showcase the height of the driver’s seat in various adjusted positions. The back seats boast three separate folding sections. The middle section, as noted in the video, can also be folded down to create an armrest with cup holders. The back seats are also able to recline slightly for added comfort.

Following suit with most videos, this one also highlights the cargo space in the trunk area of the Model Y. Many drivers have been quite impressed by the offerings of the vehicle in this area. With ample storage and numerous comfort features, the Tesla Model Y delivers on all fronts.