Tesla Model Y Leads Import Sales in South Korea, Beats Mercedes-Benz E-Class



Despite reports from Tesla’s Elon Musk that the next Model Y will have “extreme precision, down to its microns,” the electric SUV is still in its infancy in many markets around the world, even as it increases in popularity globally.

The Tesla Model Y was the best-selling car in South Korea in May, following a supply shortage that slowed imported car sales 3.5 year-over-year, according to Pulse News. The news comes amidst an overall downturn of imported vehicles in the country, resulting in a 5.9 percent decrease from a month ago.

Newly-registered imported vehicles amounted to 24,080 units in May, an increase of just 3.5 percent from the same month in the prior year. According to local market tracker Carisyou Data Lab, the newly-released Tesla Model Y surpassed Mercedes-Benz’ E Class models to top imported vehicle charts with 3,461 Model Y units registered in May.

BMW and Volkswagen landed the country’s second best-selling import vehicles, with totals of 6,257 and 1,358 units registered, respectively. Others sold under 2,000, including Volvo (1,264), Jeep (1,110), Mini (1,095), Lexus (1,007), Porsche (847), and Ford (655).

Korea isn’t the only market where Tesla has performed well, though it is an important one. Tesla’s electric vehicles (EVs) dominated global EV sales in April 2021, and the Model 3 recently overtook the Renault Zoe as France’s best-seller.


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