Next Tesla Model Y to Have ‘Extreme Precision’ Down to Microns, Says Elon Musk



Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Tuesday morning pleaded with Giga Berlin suppliers, asking them to “please accelerate”, as the company’s factory in Germany is awaiting parts to begin production, which the leader said on Monday could happen by end of 2021.

In a follow-up tweet, Musk said Tesla will be “aiming for extreme precision with next gen Model Y – microns, not millimeters.”

The lofty goal is one future customers will surely appreciate, considering Tesla panel gaps people have complained about online in centimetres.

Tesla has been criticized for having early deliveries deal with panel gaps and imperfections, but it appears Musk is planning to address this with the company’s German workforce. Most Tesla deliveries made in China at Gigafactory Shanghai have been applauded for better quality than the company’s Fremont factory as well.

Musk also noted Model Y from Gigafactory Austin in Texas, will see newer 4680 battery cells, instead of the company’s 2170 cells.

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