Tesla Model Y Waterproof Trunk Storage Bins Now Available for $110



Image: Tesla

Being able to fit golf clubs in the trunk basically certifies that the Model Y has no shortage of cargo space — but Tesla thinks it’s always good to have an option for additional storage space. You can now purchase a set of storage bins for the Model Y trunk online at the Tesla Shop.

Image: Tesla

Sold directly by Tesla, these waterproof rubber bins are designed to maximize the 5-seat Model Y’s trunk space.

The bins slide seamlessly into the cavities found on either side of the Model Y’s rear trunk, and can be used to store anything from shoes and tools to any items you don’t want dirtying your trunk interior.

Image: Tesla

The storage bins come with matching carpeted lids. With the lids on, the storage bins blend in with the rest of the Model Y trunk to maximize floor space.

This trunk storage expansion will run Model Y owners $110 USD (~$133 CAD), and they’ll get a set of two waterproof trunk storage bins as well as two matching, carpeted lids for the price.

You can find some other Tesla Model Y trunk storage bins from Tesmanian.com (use coupon TESLANORTH10 to save 10% off).

The Model Y was recently revealed to be the second best-selling EV in April worldwide, beating even the Model 3 for the very first time.

[via Reddit]

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