Production Tesla Roadster Design Will Look ‘Better’ Says Elon Musk



Tesla’s Roadster SpaceX package is currently on display at Petersen Auto Museum in Los Angeles, and onlookers are getting excited at the luxury electric vehicle’s (EV’s) impressive 0-60 mph acceleration in just 1.1 seconds.

Following a shared video from gaussdog of the Tesla Roadster at Peterson, Elon Musk shot back at the video saying that the Roadster’s “production article will look different (better).” While the video does give a good picture of the sporty luxury EV, information on its specifications are still just trickling out slowly from the company.

Bearing a similar powertrain to the Model S Plaid, Tesla’s aptly-named Roadster SpaceX package literally outfits the vehicle with cold-air rocket thrusters on the rear. In addition, the Tesla Roadster allegedly has a top speed of 250 mph, seating four people total on the car’s interior.

Tesla also recently announced a Model S Plaid delivery day event, set for June 3 according to CEO Elon Musk.

You can watch gaussdog’s full Tesla Roadster video from Peterson Auto Museum in Los Angeles below. Tickets to visit the museum in person were $45, and let the buyer see Tesla’s Roadster for as long as it’s up, but are unfortunately sold out.

Tesla’s Cybertruck display at the museum was also so popular that the companies decided to extend the display beyond its public original viewing date.


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